Wellington Sports Award

Sporting Legends is pleased and proud to initiate and sponsor the Wellington Sports Award in conjunction with The Gippsland Times and the Wellington Shire Council. The Wellington Sports Award aims to:

  • Help young people further their sports ability
  • Attain higher goals
  • Grow as outstanding citizens
  • Assist others in their sport
  • Reward sports clubs in the development of their younger members

Entry Requirements

  • Aged 21 or under
  • Wellington Shire resident or strong family ties in the Wellington Shire region
  • Has displayed outstanding potential either on the field or in a sports support role


Each month, a young sports person is awarded:

  • $300
  • Legends tracksuit valued at $100
  • $200 in equipment, coaching or other assistance for their club

At the end of 12 months, all awardees will be judged for the annual Wellington Sports award. The winner will receive:

  • Assistance to the value of $5000
  • $1000 to their club


Please apply online or fill out the application form below.

Junior Sports Grant

The Sporting Legends Junior Sports Grant aims to provide recreational and sporting facilities for Junior sports and its members in the Wellington Shire area.

Grants may be awarded for:

  • Travelling and/or accommodation expenses
  • Training and/or coaching clinics
  • Equipment


  • Any association, club or school that caters for Juniors* on an individual or team basis in their sport
  • Any individual belonging to an association, club or school catering for Juniors in their sport
  • Any individual participating in a sport at Junior level

*The SLC deems a ‘Junior’ to be a person yet to attain the age of 21 years.

Performance Levels

Applicants may apply accordingly for which the proposed grant fits:

  1. Regional
  2. State
  3. National

The SLC Board of Directors reserves the right to vary grant allocations at any time according to the individual merits and needs of the recipient.


Please apply online or fill out the application form below.