Wellington Sports Award Application

Entry Requirements:
• Aged 21 or under
• Wellington Shire resident or strong family ties in the Wellington Shire region
• Has displayed outstanding potential either on the field or in a sports support role

Please note:
• Applicants will be assessed by a judging panel
• All applicants are also eligible for the continuing Sporting Legends Junior Sports Grant
• Winners agree to the sponsors making public their name, photograph and other personal details as they deem
• Persons and/or Guardians by act of applying and/or by submitting the application, absolve absolutely the sponsors, persons involved or anyone associated in any with the award, from any claims or recompense of any kind whatsoever and in any way whatsoever
  • Applicant Details

  • Please provide in point form:
    • A clear description of your performances and achievements relevant to this month's award
    • A brief sports involvement history including ambitions and other achievements
    • Any further information considered relevant
  • Please attach any documents that support your application
    Drop files here or
  • Referees

    Please provide the names and phone numbers of two people who support your application and can verify your achievements