Sporting Legends Club Inc. began operations in 1994 with its charter being to provide support to the sports of cricket, baseball and Junior sport.

Sporting Legends Clubzpool System

Over the year members of Sporting Legends who have nominated their club in the Clubzpool System will have their Loyalty Points counted towards their club’s pool (clubzpool) for a share of the annual pool.

Junior Sports Grants

To assist emerging young sports people in competing at the next level of their sport; namely to provide grants to assist with travel and accommodation expenses, coaching clinics and equipment.
To be available to participants in all sports.
Special consideration is given to cases of financial need.

Wellington Sports Awards

To foster Local Sport in general, and Junior Sport in particular, Sporting Legends has initiated and sponsors the Wellington Sports Award in conjunction with The Gippsland Times and the Wellington Shire Council.
The main purpose of this award is to recognise an individual’s sporting achievement AND acknowledge their club’s involvement and contribution.
Help young people further their sports ability, attain higher achievement goals, grow as outstanding citizens and assist others in their sport and also seeks to reward sports clubs in the development of their younger members.

Club Support Packages

A more detailed expansion of support to a chosen club or sporting organisation which can follow on from Clubzpool Grants.
Arrangements are formularised which can include: Coaching Programs
Sports Uniforms
Transport Assistance
Youth Leadership Development