sponsorship & grants


Sporting Legends aims to assist in providing recreational and sporting facilities for junior sports and allied clubs of local sports and their members in the Wellington Shire area. In 2019 Sporting Legends Club contributed over $100,000 to sporting clubs and individuals in the Wellington Shire area.

junior sports grant

The Sporting Legends Junior Sports Grant aims to provide recreational and sporting facilities for Junior sports and its members in the Wellington Shire area. 

clubzpool system

Each year Sporting Legends Club distribute an annual pool (clubzpool) to local clubs to help facilitate any development they need. This can include anything from Coaching Programs, Sports Uniforms, Transport or any Youth Development Schemes. The amount that gets distributed is completely dependable on the amount of loyalty points members have here at Sporting Legends. 

For the year 2019 Sporting Legends Club distributed $120,000 to local sports clubs.

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who have we helped?

  • Bundalaguah Indoor Sports Centre
  • Budalaguah Cricket Ground refurbishment
  • Sale Golf Club Model Hole development
  • Little Athletics Long Jump Track
  • Sale – Maffra Badminton Association Carpark
  • Maffra Gymnastics Crash Mat
  • Sale – Maffra Cricket Assication brcoming a sub – committee of the Sporting Legends Club where member clubs recieve 50{a5b4327f8f5959481a34554471b8634f692e24b0739ef12824a73757ca60f014} discount on affiliations. 



Sporting Legends Club began operations in 1994 with its charter being to provide support to the sports of cricket, baseball and Junior sport. Since then Sporting Legends Club has helped Cricket clubs, Athletics clubs, Golf clubs, Gymnastics clubs, Badminton clubs and much more. 

junior sports grants

Sporting Legend Club developed Junior Sports Grants to be able to assist with the emerging young sports people in competing at the next level of their sport; namely to provide grants to assist with travel and accommodation expenses, coaching clinics and equipment. All applications and participants are given careful consideration when aiding with financial need.

Any association, club or school that caters for Juniors’ on an individual or team bases in their sport can is eligible for the Grant.

Any individual belonging to an association, club or school catering for Juniors in their sport can also apply for the Junior Grant Program

Applicants may apply accordingly for which the proposed grant fits:

  1. Regional 
  2. State
  3. National

The SLC Board of Directors reserves the right to vary grant allocations at any time according to the individual merits and needs of the recipient. 


clubzpool system

Sporting Legends Club distribute an annual pool (clubzpool) to local clubs each year. In order for your club to gain part of the pool they must be nominated on you membership when you first initially sign up to become a Sporting Legends Member. The loyalty points that are counted throughout the year on your membership are also counted for your club. The more points you earn on your membership means your club will earn more of the annual pool at the end of the year.

By nominating a local club doesnt mean you lose your loyalty points, you still get to spend them here!


Remember membership is FREE meaning it literally costs you nothing to help out your local clubs. If you have any  more questions please pop in and talk with us or send us an email at info@sportinglegends.com.au